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Special Effects

Printed T-shirts look great, but what if you want to stand out from the ordinary? Umer Garments (Printing Division) has the latest specialty treatments to add the extra touch to your garment. Check out these options. Photographs can't do them justice, so come on down and visit our huge selection of samples to see them in person.

Discharge inks use an extra activator chemical mixed in with water based inks and are screened onto colored garments. The extra ingredient is heat activated when run through our high temperature dryers. The discharge chemical removes the dye from the fabric, leaving it in it's natural off-white state under the printed ink. The process resu lts in a nice soft hand feel on dark garments that would otherwise require plastisol inks. This ink can be used by itself or in combination with other inks/treatments as a base for dark garments. This process is limited to some brands & 100% cotton garments only. Exact color matching is not always possible since garment type and color batches are not always consistent from shirt to shirt. It's an analog process, so go with it!

High density is a volumizing or dimensional ink is applied in layers to add another dimension to an image. Unlike puff inks, High Density inks looks and feels solid. Multiple levels of this treatment can be built within an image and work well in combination with most other inks/treatments. Flat images on a garment can now look and feel sculpted.

Foil treatment on a garment that looks like.. well, err... foil. It's shiny, sometimes metallic, and highly glossy. It's almost what gold leaf would look like on a shirt, only glossier, and available in many colors. The first step in the process is to screen print an adhesive in the desired shape of the foil. After the garment is cured in the dryer, A sheet of foil is cut to the approximate size and adhered to the shirt with a heat press. The excess foil does not stick to the adhesive, and can be peeled away. Foils can be combined with other inks and treatments. The process is more labor intensive than traditional inks, but the results can be luxurious.

Puff inks had their heyday back in the 80's, but don't let that stop you. Throw caution and good taste to the wind by puffing the heck out of your design on a tie-dyed neon shirt! Bring back new wave glasses and muscle shirts too! But seriously folks (cue rim shot...) When used with control, you can still achieve some surprisingly sophisticated looks with wisely applied puff inks. In a newer development, Blister Puff builds on the effect of regular puff by creating a bubbling molten effect on a garment.

This fun new treatment is an ink that can be used as a clear overlay or can be tinted for color and dimension. When tinted, it becomes a raised ink with the texture and feel of hard jelly but when used clear it can give some designs realism. Clear gel picks up the color on which it is printed and creates a wet, watery look in those areas. This treatment is regularly used to great success and customer satisfaction. Dew on a rose, beads of sweat, or condensation on a beer glass are some of the most realistic application of this specialty ink.

Available in a large variety of colors, sizes & shapes, Crystals & Studs can easily be heat-pressed on pre-printed garments of any kind. This embellishment can be used by itself to create a design on a garment or in combination with screen print to add some bling factor to a garment