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Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process of pushing thin layers of ink through a mesh screen onto fabric, these layers can be used to create simple to complex designs using many colours. We are seeing great new garment styles, fabrics and colours being introduced year after year, from organic, eco-friendly, high tech sportswear.

With advancing inks and finishes, almost anything is possible. Our automated colour presses allow terrific flexibility, enabling orders from smaller quantities to extremely large volumes to be produced with accuracy, quality and to the highest possible standard.

Common terminology to discribe the way your design would be printed:

Spot Colour - The most common type of screen printing is spot colour printing where each colour in the image is a solid colour, like a logo or cartoon type image.

Halftones/ Greyscale – Is where the image has gradients or tones/shades of a colour so we need to make the image passable through the screen by turning it into different size dots to create the impression of shading/depth.

CMYK – Is basically printing a picture like image or anything with many colours, this can be reproduced in screen printing by using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black colours that are mixed in the way of little dots some crossing over each other to make other colours.