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UG Roller Frame

Roller frames provide a screen printer with higher tension, better ink flow, tighter registration and more control. Stretching your own roller frames also gives you the ability to stretch and re-stretch the desired mesh size for any job at any given time.

Advantage of UG Roller Frame

  • High and controlled tensions
  • Ability to retension towards mesh stability
  • Faster printing
  • Accurate registration
  • Faster set-up from one color to the next one
  • Better ink lay-down resulting in brighter white’s and colors
  • Ink savings
  • Mesh savings and emulsion savings
  • Higher tensions provide for Less image distortion.
  • Higher print speed
  • Much better quality of image
  • Better consistency from the beginning to the end of a print run
  • Less wear of the squeegee edge
  • Less wear of the fabric
  • Much better quality control of the printed image
  • Widely superior repeatability from one run to its reprint later.
  • Highly increased productivity.
  • Less consume water other the normal frame during the washing & Exposing.

S.#Size (inch)
Mesh Count (T)Diameter (mm)Price
123x3142T52Contact Us
225x3642T52Contact Us
331x4542T52Contact Us
4Custom size/Mesh count are available
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