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Transparent Film

Brief description
  • High transparency
  • True & accurate images
  • High sharpness&High density 
  • Top quality & best price

Detailed Description:
  • This product is widely used in the fields including digital images, circuit board designing image, inkjet plate-making, laser printing plate-making, silkscreen printing, lithographic printing, slide & card making etc.
  • It is characterized by the excellent ink absorption and dries instantly after printing.Thus, much time will be saved and the production efficiency will get improvement.What’s more, the film is friendly to the environment.
  • It applies to different format inkjet plate with bright color, fine dots, high density, clear color plate outlets. In addition, it is anti-light, anti-curl,anti-wrinkles and anti-aging performance.
  • Compatible with all kinds of desktop and large format inkjet printers, including Epson, HP, Roland, Mutoh, ect.
Competitive Advantages:
  • High transmission density
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fast delivery
  • Instant dry
  • Good water resistance
  • Reasonable price
  • Professional manufacturer
  • Compatible with both dye and pigment inks
  • light box 
  • art glass 
  • digital images 
  • Slide & card making 
  • inkjet plate-making

Thickness115 micron
Weight160 g/s m
Length30m (100ft)
Base MaterialPET
QualityGrade A
TransparencySemi-Transparent Milky
Suitable InkDye & Pigment
Print SideFront Printing
Size24"/36"/42"/50"/60" x 30m (1 Roll)
Compatible printerCompatible all water based printers
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